Hydroponics Cannabis Cultivation versus Cannabis Cultivation in Soil


Hydroponics Cannabis Cultivation versus Cannabis Cultivation in Soil

Cannabis can be cultivated to its maximum potential in hydroponic as well as conventional soil
mediums. When the plants are cultivated using the hydroponics method, the water comprises
of a blend of nutrients, which directly feed the roots. On the other hand, when plants are
cultivated in soil, the nutrients are passed on to the plant through the soil; all the organic
nutrients can be added to the soil. This post delves into a brief comparison between the two
kinds of cannabis cultivation and helps the growers choose the right method of cultivation for
Hydroponics Cannabis Cultivation

Hydroponics cannabis cultivation refers to cultivating the marijuana plants in anything other
than soil, and this includes cultivation mediums like hydroton, perlite, peat moss, sand, coco
coir or coconut shell husks, vermiculite, pure liquid, gravel, or misted air.
This method of gardening is beneficial to the cultivator in several ways. The most significant
benefit is that the grower can give the cannabis plants exactly the right quantity of the right
type of nutrients needed, thus maximizing their yields. When cultivating cannabis
hydroponically, it’s the responsibility of the cultivator to offer all the nutrients needed by the
plants all through their period of growth.
There are several cannabis cultivators who start off cultivating organically, but then more often
many of them progress to the method of hydroponics gardening owing to the several
advantages it offers. However, it’s not without cons. While following this method, the grower
has to take caution to ensure that the nutrients used to cultivate the plants are disposed
properly, failing which they can pose a risk to the environment. Secondly, the hit that
hydroponic weed offers is so very powerful that it can blow off your head without letting the
user to get anything together to do any work.

Cannabis Cultivation in Soil

Cultivating cannabis in soil is the conventional way followed by most of the cultivators. Several
cultivators claim that weed that is grown in soil tastes much better than its hydroponic
counterpart. Further, this method is more forgiving for the negligent cultivators and also easier.
Growers should take care to add something like perlite for the purpose of drainage to most of
the potting soil kinds.
This method also has its own downsides. The weed plants happen to grow much slower in soil
when compared to the hydroponic method of cultivation. Usually, this method offers
comparatively lower yields even when provided with the same lights and time. Finally, cannabis

grown in soil takes a longer time to show up indications of any potential problem and they also
take a longer time to recover from any problem that has occurred.

In a Nutshell

Weighing all the pros and cons of both the methods, a grower can decide whether he should
cultivate cannabis plants conventionally in soil or hydroponically depending on his individual
requirements. Though, the hydroponic method is recommended for the more experienced and
cautious cultivators.


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