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Why Sugar Is Bad for Your Health


Unstable blood sugar can leave you experiencing mood swings, fatigue, and headaches. It also contributes to cravings, which begins the cycle of false hunger. By contrast, those who avoid sugar report having fewer cravings while feeling more emotionally balanced and energized.

While we all like to indulge once in a while, foods that quickly affect blood sugar contribute to a greater risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.1 Emerging research also suggests connections between these high-glycemic diets and various forms of cancer. These effects are often a result of added sugars working in your body, so be sure to read those nutrition labels.

As if being sick wasn’t bad enough, studies have shown that sugar can interfere with the way your body fights disease. Bacteria and yeast feed on sugar, so excess glucose in the body causes these organisms to build up and cause infections.

Chromium, a trace mineral, helps regulate blood sugar in the body. While it can be found in meats, seafood, and plant foods, 90% of Americans still don’t get enough chromium because of refining starches.6 Other carbohydrates can also rob foods of their chromium supplies, so limiting your carbs is your best bet for increasing those mineral levels.

While you probably know that sugars can affect your body composition, they can also mess with your skin by contributing to wrinkles and sagging. After sugar hits your bloodstream, it attaches to proteins. The mix of these proteins with sugar causes the skin to lose elasticity and leads to premature aging.

With all the other life-threatening effects of sugar, we sometimes forget the most basic cosmetic damage it does. When it sits on your teeth, sugar causes decay more efficiently than any other food. It’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day to stop sugars from fueling plaque and bacteria.

Increasing evidence shows that chronic infections, like those that result from dental problems, play a role in the development of heart disease. Most researchers believe that the connection stems from the body’s inflammatory response to infection. Luckily, this works both ways. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will decrease your risk of common illnesses, which reduces the chance that they’ll become a more serious condition later on.

Let’s not forget about our little ones! When New York City public schools reduced the amount of sugar in their lunches and breakfasts, their academic ranking increased 15.7% (previously, the greatest improvement ever seen had been 1.7%).11 The study also eliminated artificial colors, synthetic flavoring, and two preservatives, showing the importance of natural ingredients for children.

When we’re under stress, our bodies immediately kick into fight-or-flight mode, releasing large amounts of hormones. Surprisingly, the body has the same chemical response when blood sugar is low. After you eat a sweet snack, stress hormones begin to compensate for the crash by raising your blood sugar. The result? Unexplained anxiousness, irritability, and even shakiness.

Childcare Workers Deserve Better Pay

Group Of Workers With Babies In Nursery

The government has little to no regard of early childhood education and early childhood educators.

High-quality education in the early years is critical to child development, but our work is being undervalued.

My juggling act starts. I help parents settle their upset children. I answer questions from parents about bookings, their account, Child Care Subsidy and “why won’t my child sleep at night?” One mother comes in crying because she is stressed with life and I have to console her. And the phone starts ringing.

I try to find an ever elusive casual staff member to replace an educator who has called in sick. The phone rings again.

A family is visiting the centre after booking earlier in the week. I show them around. The phone rings again. Will someone please pick up the phone while I’m with this parent?

Paperwork, and lots of it! I have a business plan, action plans, and sustainability plans. I need to update the Quality Improvement Plan. The phone hasn’t stopped.

I do some work on the improvement plan that sets out our commitment to meeting the National Quality Standards. Since 2012 a government agency has been overseeing the standards that aim to improve outcomes for children. The expectations imposed by the government have increased but the wages haven’t, and neither has the professional profile in the community.More paperwork! Emails are answered and parent debts are checked and chased. I also review Storypark stories — the visual record for parents and educators of the children’s day — and approve each one. I also check the payroll system for accuracy.

I do more work on the improvement plan. In February, the National Quality Standards were changed, along with the assessment tool. It’s moved the goalposts for “exceeding” and “excellence” ratings. The intention is to improve and ensure quality outcomes for children because of the huge importance of early years learning, which is great. But the increased focus on documentation is stressing out time-poor educators.

A mum sticks her head in the office and talks about something that happened at home to her child that may have affected her mood.I struggle to the car with the folder of work from home and try to avoid the feeling that I have been chasing my tail all day. I still need to pee and I haven’t had lunch. The phone rings as I am leaving; the casual booked to work tomorrow now can’t do the shift.

Skills You Need for Childcare


Childcare workers are responsible for overseeing the well-being of children when parents or other caretakers are unavailable.

In the past, childcare was recognised as a mother’s role. However, with almost three-quarters of women with children in the workforce, childcare centres have become indispensable resources for working parents, and Childcare professionals are now recognised as legitimate members of the workforce that are valued for their labour.

Most employees in the Childcare industry work in Childcare centres as preschool teachers or teaching assistants. For those looking to work with smaller groups of children, family childcare work and professional babysitting services are also a popular option.

The demand for Childcare services continues to grow, and many of these positions offer both full-time and part-time options. Positions in this field are particularly rewarding and require patience and passion. With experience, Childcare workers may have the option of opening their own Childcare services centre.

While not all Childcare positions require specific licenses or certificates, many employers look for Childcare providers with a Level Two Early Years Qualification for assistant or babysitting roles.

Childcare providers must be competent in instructional skills and have a firm grasp on how to manage multiple children.

To reflect on the quality of care, childcare workers must be able to self-evaluate and address any performance issue.

 If a problem arises, childcare workers must be able to think on their feet to solve an issue.

Childcare providers must be able to connect and bond with children to establish trust.

Working with children can be stressful. A good childcare worker not only works under stress but flourishes in high-stress situations.

Many Childcare provider services require employees that can design educational instruction plans and implement those plans.

Childcare workers need to be able to communicate with children and parents, meaning that they must have flexible and adaptable communication skills.

No one hires Childcare workers to look at their phones all day. Engaging with children is one of the most important components of Childcare work.

Daily schedules are often the responsibility of the Childcare worker. So workers must be able to evaluate the children and then make decisions based off of their needs.

Safety certifications demonstrate a childcare worker’s ability to prevent dangerous situations, as well as an ability to respond to dangerous situations.

An effective Childcare worker crafts a positive environment in which children can develop and learn. Positivity is often the key to developing bonds with both kids and parents.

Children have high energy, meaning that a Childcare worker must have the stamina to keep up. The best Childcare workers are usually those that can enthusiastically play and interact with children.

It’s sometimes hard for parents to leave their children in the care of others. A trustworthy Childcare worker eases the process and allows parents to relax knowing their child is in good hands.

Most parents seek a safe, educational environment for their children. This means that strong Childcare providers are knowledgeable about how to best care for children and can craft an environment in which children can flourish.

Tips for a Healthy Hammy


The ‘hamstrings’ are a group of three muscles located at the back of the thigh

Hamstrings cross the hip and knee joints and are responsible for knee flexion and hip extension

A hamstring strain is described as an overstretching without tearing of the muscle or tendon fibres. It is important that if you are suspecting a hamstring strain, accurate diagnosis is carried out by a Physiotherapist before resuming exercise

Hamstrings are prone to straining during exercise, with hamstring strains making up 1/3rd of all acute injuries in the general population

Research shows that hamstring strains increase in prevalence during the later decades of life

Most hamstring strains occur during a 100% effort sprinting

Decreased hamstring muscle strength resulting in muscle fatigue during the landing and pushing of phase of running

Previous hamstring or lower back injury

Decreased range of motion at the hip joint

Lack of warm up before intense exercise

The best evidence for injury prevention in the hamstrings is a sound hamstring strength protocol tailored for you by a Physiotherapist

Gradual return to sport or activity reduces the likelihood of re-injury by 75%. Focus on an output or milestone approach not a time frame

Strengthen the posterior chain, this means glut, calf, and hamstring muscles, using functional exercises such as squats, lunges and dead lifts

Ensure your technique is reviewed by a personal trainer or exercise professional prior to strengthening work.

Anti-Aging Skincare Tips


The most important concerns for women and men is aging, the very first factor that everybody sees is our face so we do not want undesirable wrinkles, dark spots, wrinkles, etc.

Allow me to provide you with a couple of anti-aging skincare tips that may help you to possess a healthier skin:

1) Steer clear of the sun whenever possible, the Ultra violet sun rays from the sun is among the major reasons of scare tissue.

2) Use sun block if you are planning to become uncovered towards the sun, try not to use an excessive amount of.

3) Consume a daily skincare routine, each morning and also at night: cleanse, tone and moisturize.

4) Make use of an anti-aging product with 100 % natural ingredients for example CynergyTk which help stimulate producing bovine collagen and elastin inside your skin.

5) Take Multi Vitamins to provide your body the anti-oxidants it must fight toxins.

6) Eat well full or minerals and vitamins for example vegetables and fruit.

7) Drink six to eight portions of water each day a skin hydrated, you won’t want to stay hydrated just when you’re thirsty.

8) Get some exercise regularly a skin firm and allow your bloodstream flow through all of your body.

9) Avoid stress whenever possible, stress lowers your defense mechanisms variations and also the atmosphere toxins can impact the body.

10) Make use of a good moisturizer

Individuals are a few very useful strategies for skincare anti-aging when you follow them you’ll have a far better searching skin, you’ll slow aging and you’ll have more energy during the day.